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It's called the Development Phase

It's all the groundwork to show what the project will be

and how much it cost to make...

Understanding Video Production TERMINOLOGY

100% On-Location Production

On-Location is the most expensive option beause we have to move our complete studio and people to the location where the filming is being done. Although the editing and final production is finalized in house.

In-House Production

An in-house production means just that 100% of the production of the final video is done in our studio. This saves thousands of dollars due to cost of travel expenses. Also the In-house limits the labor cost as well.

Hybrid Production

A hybrid production is very cost effective for a more custom look. It is where we send a small team to get the on-location filming done with a small core team of 1-3 poeple. This would not require actors, or support team to be on location.

3 Components of Production Process


Is the critical phase of production. It is where everything is planned to minimize the production cost of a shoot. In this phase we storyboard the final product, make changes based on time, budget constraints, and other factors.

During this phase is where scripts are amended, budgets are adjusted, actors are cast, locations scouted, the crew employed, shooting schedules amended, sets designed and built, costumes made and fitted, and everything to do with the shoot is planned and tested.


The production stage is where the rubber hits the road. The Writer, Director, Producer, and countless other creative minds finally see their ideas captured on film, one day at a time.

Production is usually the shortest of the phases, even though it is critical to the film and where most of the budget is allotted.

In some case stock footage is combined with location fooftage to manage cost.

We shoot in RAW 4, 6, & 8K and are NetFlix Certified Production-House.


This is where the footage is edited, sound is mixed, visual effects are added, titles are created, any VoiceOver is needed and the project is completed and prepared for distribution or syndication. Although the shooting crew has done a lot of hard work, now the post-production crew face arduous hours of work ahead of them to piece together the scenes and craft a stunning story.

Post-production can begin while the shoot is still going, as footage is gathered as soon as the first day of shooting commences. This helps see the project finished as soon as possible, but can also help identify problems with the footage or any gaps in the story while the shoot is still happening. If needed, shots can be picked up on later days without too much interference in the shooting schedule.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

But a Video is worth a Million or More


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